TCA 25% Chemical Peel | Skin Discoloration | Scarring and Wrinkles | Buy at best Price

TCA 25% peel is a medium strength peel. It revives the skin with radiance and glow at moderate downtime and peeling. It can be used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, uneven complexion, acute acne and mild acne. This peel is for experienced users and should only be administered by a professional only. This peel is recommended for people Using our Complete Accessory Kit or the Pro Accessory Kit will help you heal faster and expedite the natural regeneration of healthy skin in an even and non-irritating way.
What Is a TCA 25% Peel?
TCA 25% (trichloroacetic acid) is a very safe compound used in chemical peels to gently lift and remove the surface skin layer of dead cells and debris. This helps to prevent the establishment of clogged pores, which could otherwise lead to bacterial buildup within the skin and result in acne breakouts. It also greatly enhances the effectiveness of cosmetic products, since the skin is now clear and able to respond more readily to moisturizing nutrients and other skincare ingredients. Using a moderate-strength solution of TCA in a 1:4 ratio, this peel reveals deeper, healthier cells.
With effects extending beyond just skin resurfacing, TCA stimulates the underlying dermal tissues to regenerate and strengthen collagen fibers. The body’s immune system responds to the sudden loss in epithelial tissue by promoting rapid regeneration of the underlying cells. This results in a smoother surface skin, removal of wrinkles and an overall more youthful complexion.
Use of chemical peels will result in a slight pinkness of the skin as the superficial layers begin to shed. Similar to a mild sunburn, patients may experience a minor increase in skin sensitivity and should avoid direct contact with sunlight without proper precautions. Most visible effects are usually seen within a week, as the surface skin layers are replaced with a healthy, new skin. The skin will respond to the treatment on a gradual level. Chemical peel procedures last approximately fifteen m