Luxury Safari Camp In Jaisalmer, Best Place To Stay In Jaisalmer

In the coronary heart of the golden Thar Desert, lies a gem that epitomizes opulence and journey—Gulmohar Resort, the first-rate luxury safari camp in Jaisalmer. This extraordinary motel offers an unrivalled combination of lavish comfort and interesting barren region escapades, making it the best place to stay in Jaisalmer. It redefines wilderness luxury with its meticulously designed resorts. Guests can pick out from elegantly appointed tents and spacious villas, each crafted to provide a serene retreat. The tents, stimulated by the grandeur of royal caravans, feature wealthy fabric, handcrafted furniture, and current-day offerings, making sure life is cushy and indulgent. The villas offer a further expansive place with non-public patios overlooking the cute barren vicinity panorama, ideal for those in search of tranquillity and privacy. At Gulmohar Resort, the journey awaits at every turn. The high-priced safari camp gives an array of exciting activities designed to immerse visitors within the splendour of the Thar Desert. Safaris provide a conventional manner to explore the dunes, at the same time as jeep safaris provide a more exhilarating ride across the rugged barren region terrain. For those looking for particular reviews, the motel organizes guided night safaris, wherein visitors can find out the wasteland’s nocturnal vegetation and fauna and revel in the enthralling starlit sky.