Cleo Skribent Fountain ink Pens

Cleo Skribent of Germany manufactures a range of classic writing instruments at their base in Bad Wilsnack. It is one of the last remaining companies to manufacture pens entirely in Germany.Cleo Skribent uses the highest quality materials, such as rare woods and precious metals, to manufacture their pens. Decades-old craftsmanship, countless hours of work by hand, and a large number of production processes, i.e., up to 26 individual parts per pen, are processed. In the fields of tool making, precision injection molding technology, and nib finishing, Cleo Skribent operates at the highest level. Classic, yet versatile. Timeless, yet modern. The Classic collection from Cleo Skribent is a range of Pens and mechanical pencils that are astonishingly light, making for fatigue-free writing and ease of handling. Available as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen with easy flow refill, and 0.7-mm mechanical pencil. The fountain pen has a 14K gold nib with a choice of a fine, medium, or broad tip. Made and finished to the finest standards of Cleo Skribent.