Best matta rice brand in kerala

"Periyar provides a wide variety of quick mixes for nearly every type of Kerala cuisine. The method is strictly traditional, even if modern machinery is used to make these things. Using firewood for warmth or the customary ""uruli"" are two examples. Our items are now considered traditional wonders, worthy of even grandma's approval. Since ""change"" is a necessary part of life, we have also chosen to change after 12 years as the leading producer of branded rice and rice products.
Our name has always been derived from the Periyar, the longest river in Kerala and dubbed the ""Lifeline of Kerala.""The river has evolved throughout the years, as have the banks that border it and our organization.Thus, our insignia underwent a creative innovation. What better hue for a new logo than the universal hue that is applied to the sky and the pristine periyar waters—a hue that is serene and cool?
Our new logo's blue color represents the purity of our goods.A few golden grains are beginning to sprout."